About Crazy Clean

Like any good scientist, we know that the success of an experiment depends not just on the basic ingredients, but how they interact with one another.

That’s why at Crazy Clean we carefully select each team member for their unique experience and perspective, then mix them all together with a dash of teamwork, a portion of hard work and a healthy dose of laughs.

The result is an insanely effective crew that reflects the spirit and diversity of the communities we serve.


This is not so crazy

What it means to be Crazy Clean Germ Genius

You don’t replace generational poverty with JOBS, especially not wage-earning jobs. You can only replace generational poverty with generational wealth. This is why every single member of our team owns a piece of this business.
Pete Kadens
Crazy Clean Founder
  • Our Germ Geniuses are Equity Shareholders

    Crazy Clean believes entrepreneurism can help eradicate poverty and reverse social inequities. That’s why our frontline workers are company equity owners after 90 days of continuous employment.

    The best and most profitable investment of all time is not in a business or in some piece of real estate. It’s an investment in the human intellect. And that’s exactly why we open our books to our employees each month and teach each and every Germ Genius how to read financial statements and spot business trends. We believe if we invest in our people learning about how a business works, and we give them equity, we invest in their intellectual capacity to understand what entrepreneurship and ownership means.

    This in turn enables them to create generation wealth today, and down the road.

  • A Seat at the Table

    We believe everyone can be an entrepreneur, and depend on our entire team’s passion and fresh ideas to stay at the top of our class. That’s why all equity owners receive training on reading financial statements, trend analysis and understanding business operations.

    Our Geniuses can see and truly understand their impact on the company and customers – no matter their paygrade.

  • Germ Advisors & Clean Team

    There is no limit to how far our Geniuses can go, and we provide ongoing training and coaching to help them get there.

Germ Advisors & Clean Team

Crazy Clean was created by a team of renowned healthcare authorities, social justice advocates, business leaders, germ freaks, brand-builders, scientists, service workers and everyday office commuters.

Did we mention germ freaks? We understand the heightened anxiety and general confusion surrounding the path to reopening.

Our mission is to deliver the new service standard for germ-free work environments leading to renewed employee and employer trust and confidence.

Germ Advisors

  • Dr. Charles Gerba
    Dr. Germ

    Dr. Chuck Gerba is considered by many the foremost germ scientist in the world.

    Dr. Gerba is germ microbiologist and professor at The University of Arizona.

    The media has affectionately dubbed Dr. Gerba “Dr. Germ” dating back as far as 1999.

  • Dr. Jay Bhatt
    Former Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, American Hospital Association

    Dr. Jay Bhatt, the former Chief Medical Officer of the American Hospital Association (AHA).

    A practicing physician with a Masters in Public Health Administration from Harvard, Dr Bhatt oversaw the regulatory policy related to disinfecting, hospital disease transmission and overall hygiene as the highest-ranking doctor at the AHA from 2016-2020.

  • Kelli Foster Makerson

    Kelli Makerson has served as a Public Health Analyst at the CDC since 2014 focusing on pandemic responses to the Ebola, Zika and now Covid-19 outbreaks. Kelli has first-hand knowledge through her work of how to apply both personnel and chemical agents to slow the spread of infectious disease.

  • Kelly Spinola

    Kelly Spinola is the Global Product Manager of Facilities Management at JLL, Inc. She is responsible for delivering products that are at the forefront of market trends across JLL’s 1.5B square foot portfolio under management.

    In this role Kelly drives the strategic planning and digital roadmap for JLL’s facilities management and soft services products including, cleaning, disinfecting and janitorial.

  • Marty Astorga

    Marty Astorga and his partner own and operate Food Safety and Quality Systems, LLC, a licensed and accredited training center.

    He has held leadership positions in the food manufacturing industry for over 35 years.

  • Christina Kelly-Astorga

    She is the President of Food Quality and Safety Systems and one of the premier trainers in America on hygiene and safety in the food workplace. She’s a licensed trainer on SQF (Safe Quality Food) standards and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards.

    Christina teaches food manufacturers all over the world how to keep their facilities safe from harm and how to leverage disinfecting to keep the environment safe and clean. She has been a leader in this space since 1998.

  • Jessi Dōne
    NRCM (RM), M.B.A.

    Jessi Dōne is a Nationally Registered, Certified Microbiologist at the baccalaureate level.

    She has led teams focused on disinfectant efficacy across the food manufacturing landscape and has spent years testing and analyzing tissues, medical devices, personal care products and pharmaceuticals to determine microbial load for sterilization validations.

The Clean Team

  • Pete Kadens
    Crazy Clean Founder & Chairman

    Pete Kadens is a renowned serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who has founded and has run companies that have employed 4,500 people and created billions in shareholder value.

    Pete is a Henry Crown Fellow with The Aspen Institute, serves on five corporate boards and has donated millions of dollars and countless hours to underserved communities and individuals in need.

  • Greg Buzzell
    Chief Financial Officer

    Greg brings 15+ years’ experience of strong finance and strategic focus to Crazy Clean. He has an MBA/MS from the University of Michigan and a BA in Economics from Bucknell University.

    He currently serves as the CEO of Kadens Family holdings, following C-Suite roles in the solar energy and finance industries.

  • Stephanie Towers
    Chief People Officer

    Stephanie is the foundation and inspiration behind the Crazy Clean team mission and spirit. She is continually focused on people with a clear objective to achieve the highest potential for the Crazy Clean company and its team.

    Stephanie is the former CEO of The Kadens Family Foundation and also served as the COO at Laura Davidson PR in New York City.

  • Kyle Wortham
    VP Brand Experience

    Kyle brings 20+ years branding, marketing and product innovation experience to Crazy Clean.

    He’s  experienced working in highly regulated industries building and leading brands including Marlboro USA/Mexico, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Blue Moon and Green Thumb Industries.

  • Terri Evans
    VP of Corporate Development and Partnerships

    Terri brings over two decades of business experience leading sales and strategy across the country for global brands as well as small businesses.  A majority of her career was spent with BMW Group where she worked across the US and Munich in various capacities.

    Terri received her BA in Economics from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA and her MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

  • Renee Lawlor
    VP of Operations

    Renee is a natural operator driven by curiosity, innovation and efficiency. She thrives on digging into each detail of the business and has proven it takes wearing many hats to create a scalable, successful company.

    She helped build the company PillPack, which recently sold to Amazon, as a leader on the operations side of the company.

  • Kelly Keffer
    Director of Administration and Training
  • Marty Cowherd
    Really Smart Associate

    Marty is a young, smart, rising star beginning his entrepreneurial journey.

    He joins the team as a Junior at Chicago’s Johnson College Prep in Englewood and serves as a Sergeant in MCJROTC. Marty is endlessly curious about business and how to give back to his community.

    He plans to attend Harvard University.

  • Marcus Williams
    Manager of Germs Solutions & Microbiology

    Marcus is practical-minded scientist who loves having problems to solve. He brings professional expertise in sanitation, food safety, and microbiology to help Crazy Clean develop disinfection plans and validation tests tailored to each client space.

    Prior to joining Crazy Clean, Marcus spent six years developing and operating quality control programs at three breweries. He has an MS in Biology from New Mexico State University with a background in industrial microbiology labs.