The Craziest New Standard in Germ Warfare.

The smartest and most scientifically based commercial disinfecting company ever invented.


How Crazy Clean Works

We work with you to build a customized disinfecting maintenance strategy for your industry workplace or venue.

  • Comprehensive Upfront Free Assessment

    Crazy Clean starts with a complimentary assessment focused on surface types and high-traffic/touch areas, completed with ATP testing - a swab test that detects living material to report cleanliness in a quantified measure.

  • Data-Driven Disinfecting

    We use data science, microbial reporting and predictive analytics to track contamination trends. We then identify high-risk zones with on-site rapid verification testing to provide pre- and post-cleaning intelligence creating the highest standard in disinfecting safety.

  • Transparency

    Few people know how a space gets cleaned or with what chemicals, at what time. Crazy Clean is changing that by offering a portal with all our disinfecting details, data and even body camera footage of the disinfecting service. This allows clients to share with their stakeholders, employees, guests and customers, which promotes trust, confidence and peace of mind.

  • Strategic Planning on Office Well-Being

    We provide clarity and confidence to help build your path to the new normal. We combine your needs with the guidelines, recommendations and requirements compliant with CDC, EPA and OSHA organizations. We continuously review, assess and update standards in real time to ensure compliance and confidence.

  • Education & Peace of Mind

    As a disinfecting authority, Crazy Clean invests in educating your employees, guests, partners, visitors and families to assure them that they’re sharing a comfortable, productive and safe environment. Routine Zoom seminars and classes taught by world-renowned germ geniuses are available for free to you, your stakeholders and their families as a Crazy Clean client. We want you to learn how to be safer and healthier at work and at home!

  • Corporate Pride / Together We Make A Difference

    Crazy Clean’s founder is a serial entrepreneur donating tens of millions of dollars to causes aimed at reversing social inequities. This is why our Crazy Clean frontline workers become company equity owners after 90 days. It’s our company's commitment to leveling the playing field and creating opportunities to produce generational wealth for those in underserved communities.

Industries Served

We’ve started with some really large client spaces in the Chicagoland area, and are preparing to quickly offer our services nationwide. Contact us today to see if we are able to help you today or someday soon.

  • Commercial Office Buildings

    Commercial Office Buildings

  • Industrial & Light Manufacturing

    Industrial & Light Manufacturing

  • Hotels


  • Restaurants


  • Schools/Daycares


  • Retail